Company Profile

WAIBA is managed and directed by a team of highly qualified engineers and professionals, led by the founder Mr. L.B. Waiba (MD), highly enthusiastic entrepreneur and  Director- Dr. Er. N. D. Lama (Waiba) – TCS Colombo Plan Scholar, Engineering Graduate, MBA Degree Holder and PhD in Business Administration, lay strong emphasis on teamwork, synergy, professionalism and excellence in work.

The management team again, is a rich blend of seasoned veterans, hard working managers and well – networked achievers. Driven by its rich and varied experience, sound technical infrastructure, professional manpower and commitment to timely execution,  WAIBA is fully  equipped and ready to undertake infrastructure projects at all  locations in  Nepal.

Waiba Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the handful EPC contractors with specialization in Electrical T & D and Hydro Sector in Nepal. With increasing number of Hydro, Substation, Transmission and Distribution Projects being planned and executed in recent years and more in pipeline in coming years, Waiba Infratech with its expertise, is capable of acquiring and executing such projects, and shall excel in its growth.


Waiba Infratech, has the reputation of providing quality work to our customers


At our company, we respect the customer’s time and schedule and always complete the projects on time.


With the years of experience we are get job done according to our client's specifications