With us you will have the peace of mind knowing that your dream home project is in the hands of a licensed fully insured building company.

  1. Mr. Lal Bahadur Tamang Waiba
    Managing Director

    (More than 30 years of experience)

  2. Dr. Amar B. Lama

  3. Dr. Er. Ngema Dorje Lama

    (BE, MBA, PhD, 20 years of experience)

  4. Mr. Sasi Kumar Kardivel
    General Manager

    Hydro and EHV Works (M.Sc. Geology, 30 years of experience)

  5. Mr. Sun Bahadur Lama
    General Manager

    MV Substation, Transmission Line and Distribution Lines (25 years of experience)

  6. Er. Sameer Lama
    General Manager

    Business Development (BE, 15 years experience)

  7. Er. Prem Thapa

    [Substation and transmission line projects] (BE, 25 years of experience)

  8. Ms. Manisha Bohara
    Finance Manager

    Finance (BBA, 15 years of experience)